Welcome to Ana Porgras Online, dedicated to the talented Romanian Artistic Gymnast Ana. Ana won the Gold Medal in the Balance Beam Finals at the 2010 World Championship! She also is the gold medalist on the Balance Beam and Silver medalist on the Uneven Bars at the Gent World Cup. One week later, Ana was the absolute champion of the All Around competition at the Romanian National Championship, and won Gold on the Balance Beam, and Bronze on the Floor. Check around this website to learn more about Ana!

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Happy Birthday, Ana!

PHOTO: candycoateddoom.tumblr.com
Posted on Dec 19 2012.

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Did you miss Ana?

A beautiful photo shoot made by Ciprian Dumitrescu, the photographer who unveils Ana the way we didn't see her before.

I want to invite you to discover a new Ana, one that is no more a child, it's a beautiful young lady. Click here.
Posted on Sep 10 2012.

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Giving Thanks for Ana Porgras

People are always proud- a little bit cocky even- to say they spotted Ana Porgras early in her career. I am not one of those people. I first knew of the young Romanian up-and-comer in 2009, the meet where she made herself known to the gymnastics world at large.

The 2009 World Championships was to me somewhat lifeless, a meet bereft of a nail-biting team competition, and one that felt like it featured only a handful of tired, post-Beijing gymnasts lucky enough to have recovered in time for the next big competition. What saved it was the many bright-eyed bushy tailed young juniors who emerged in London. Among the medal winners were the likes of Chinese pixie Sui Lu, and powerful young US stars like Rebecca Bross and Kayla Williams.

And then there was Ana Porgras.

The young star marked her first senior major when she won bronze on bars and was the revelation of the qualification competition. The veritable ’slip of a girl’ in the Romanian national colours emerged in qualifications a virtual unknown, yet danced and swang her way to the number two spot in the qualification competition. It was hard to know what was more special about her- her incredible natural grace- grace such as hadn’t been seen in a Romanian for eons, or the fact that she could swing bars beautifully.

What was immediately intriguing about Ana Porgas was that she was a changeling child thrust among a group of typical Romanian children- a dark-eyed sylphide sibling in a family of sturdy pixies. We should forever consider ourselves lucky that the Romanians chose to play to the young Ana’s strengths- that those who raised her fully realised that her singular indefinable qualities should be nurtured and not subsumed into that signature efficient but somewhat artless Romanian uniform style. She was raised to be special- one of the few Romanians with a standout, specially tailored floor routine and with actual choreography in her beam routine. Even the ever-efficient Romanians couldn’t hide her light under a bushel.

Read the entire article on The Couch Gymnast
Posted on Jan 19 2012.

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The untimely departure of Ana Porgras

At the 2009 World Championships, many gymnastics fans (included me) believed we were seeing one of the next greats. Ana Porgras is and was a fantastic gymnast, and yesterday’s news of her retirement is incredibly saddening. Saddening for her, saddening for the fans, saddening for Romania and saddening for the entire sport.

Ana was one of the only gymnasts this quad who could truly be called artistic. This simple fact is brilliant enough in its own right, given the times we live in. [...]

This was part of what made Ana’s gymnastics so special. She wasn’t just good; she shattered a mould that had been set tight in the Romanian system for decades. Rather than perfunctory choreography, gluey feet and nailed landings, she was all about delicate lines, beautiful presentation and ethereal inconsistency.

read the entire article on The E Panel
Posted on Jan 19 2012.

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Ana Porgras retired

Ana porgras says Goodbye to Gymnastics! Sad news for gymnastics fans!

Here you can read a Prosport interview translated by fangymnastics.com.

Prosport: Ana, how are you?
Ana: I’m fine, at home with my sister.

Prosport: With or without gymnastics?
Ana: Without. I retired from gymnastics.

Prosport: Why did you make this decision?
Ana: I had my reasons and I would like not to speak about them. But I reached one point where I felt I couldn’t do it anymore. There were many injuries, I was feeling tired. And after the last elbow injury from December I realized I can’t do it anymore.

Prosport: There was no info about the elbow injury…
Ana: At the beginning of December I was training on vault and while I was performing a round-off my hand just snapped. I went to the doctor and he told me it’s a left elbow fracture. I had to use a cast..

Prosport: Were you already thinking about retiring?
Ana: Yes, but I was not 100% decided. The doctor said I could train, but my hand was still hurting. After we came back from France I realized I could not go on anymore.

Prosport: Your sister and your mum…what are they saying?
Ana: Everybody talked with me and tried to make me change my mind. Even Mr. Stoica and Mrs. Grigoras talked with me, but my decision is final.

Prosport:How is life without gymnastics?
Ana: I don’t know yet. At the moment I’m ok, I started school here in Barlad, where I live with my sister.

Prosport:Don’t you feel sorry about the decision?
Ana: No, I don’t regret I retired. Life goes on.

Prosport:But there were other comebacks…
Ana: From the moment I made this decision there is no turning back. I said stop and I’m not coming back.
Posted on Jan 17 2012.

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Ana Porgras, a Valuable Person

Ana Porgras was nominated as "Om de Valoare a Constanței" (Valuable person) by Oameni de valoare.
You can vote her here, on Sport section, until 7th of March.
Thank you!
Posted on Jan 05 2012.

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Tare! Magazine no. 3

Tare! Magazine no. 3 had finally appeared in the Christmas evening as a beautiful present for the ones who love Romanian Gymnastics. You can find there interesting intervies, articles and a gallery with photos from the National Championships held in Onești and the World Championships in Tokyo.

You can find it here (only in Romanian).
Posted on Jan 05 2012.

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The Romanian Gymnasts spent the Christmas in France

Cătălina Ponor, Sandra Izbașa, Larisa Iordache, Ana Porgras, Diana Chelaru, Diana Bulimar, Gabriela Drăgoi, Amelia Racea, Raluca Haidu, Daniela Andrei and Diana Trenca spent the Christmas in France, in a cantonment organized by the Dijon Gymnastics Club. The purpose of this travel was to break the monotony and also try out the Gymnova equipment - the one that will be used at the Olympic Games in London this year.

Source: Fangymnastics.com
Posted on Jan 05 2012.

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Ana Porgras: ”I will focus on beam and bars to help the team.”

The 2010 World champion on beam, Ana Porgras, who will be 18 on the 18th of December, remembered her first steps in gymnastics.

“I was as little as them when it all started. I was 4, at home in Galaţi, and I showed my mum I could do all kinds of tumbles. It was then when they had the idea to take me to do gymnastics. I liked it from the beginning and I did not miss any big competition. I sat in front of the TV and watched the girls and Andreea Răducan and all I dreamed about was to be in that hall”.

Little time left
Sport changed her childhood. Playing moved to the gym and turned into training. “When you are in sport, your childhood is completely different but the chances to make it are different too. Other people cannot do in their entire life what we do before we are 20. When we are gymnasts, we are no longer kids. We don´t have time to play anymore. I remember playing with my big sister, Georgiana, and having to leave for training when I was having a lot of fun. At home I would be watching cartoons all the time, my favorites were The Little Mermaid and Peter Pan. When I moved to Oneşti I no longer watched TV. I also left dozens of dolls at home.” She fondly remembers winning her first medal: “I was around 10 when I went to a competition in Buzău. Of all the girls at the Galaţi club, I was the only one to medal, I think on floor. I felt like a princess, unique. There were many talented girls there, maybe even more talented than me, but I was the only one to go far. Maybe I was lucky to go to Oneşti but I also worked hard.”

Going to school with the National team
School was also different. Training hours and competition changed her schedule. “When I was a Junior in Oneşti and Deva we used to go to school but when I joined the National team everything changed: teachers started coming to us. I always loved Math and I never liked Literature. I loved drawing, but I don´t have time for that anymore.” Ana also remembers how close she came to giving up gymnastics: “I did not adapt fast to Deva. I felt alone and I wanted to go home. I then remembered what my coach used to tell me: when you have a bad day, try to make a good day out of it. And this is how I go over it.” Years passed and the little girl who used to tumble at home started gathering medals: gold on beam at the 2008 Junior Europeans and bronze on bars at the 2009 London Worlds. Although she was struggling with injuries, she did not give up and fulfilled her dream in 2010. She followed in the footprints of the gymnast she had seen on TV ten years ago, Andreea Răducan, and finished first on beam at the Rotterdam Worlds.

A difficult year
She started 2011 thinking about the great promise, the London Olympic Games, but the “beam queen” crown proved too heavy. “I felt the pressure ever since the Europeans and it did not help. I should not think about the fact that everyone expects me to win medals, I should have enjoyed the competition. I was disappointed because I did not expect to miss everything. I had a breakdown and it took me a while to get over it. After the first day of competition at Worlds, I was an emotional wreck. I had missed beam of all things, an unpredictable apparatus, where every mistake is costly. I pulled myself together as I had to prove I could do more and I was close to getting a medal in the All-Around. I came so close, but I lost it on vault. Having qualified for the Olympics was the only good thing.” Porgras explains.
In only a few days she will be an adult: “I don´t think turning 18 is a big difference, not many things are going to change. Maybe I will be a little more responsible, but I am already mature. At the 2009 London World Championship I was still a child, but everything changed one year later, at the Rotterdam Worlds. I could not believe how much I changed in one year. The kids here will also grow, they have to, it´s how life goes.” On one of the gym´s walls, you can see the portraits of the Olympic champions Simona Amânar, Cătălina Ponor, Daniela Sofronie. Is Ana Porgras next?

"We are ready"

- Ana, is Romanian gymnastics on a downward path?
- The fact that we did not win any medal at World is showing this, but it´s another generation, different girls and different code of points. Gymnastics is still gymnastics, I don´t know if it´s more difficult now but it´s clearly different.

- The Olympics are getting close. Are you ready?
- We´ll see what happens, but I think we are ready to fight for medals with the gymnasts from the USA and Russia. I am coming back after an injury and the way I recuperate will be very important. I will focus on beam and bars to help the team and help myself. Maybe I will also do floor and, if I find a solution for vault, I will also think about the All-Around.

- How does it feel to be working with Octavian Bellu and Mariana Bitang?
- I was honored to start working with the best coaches in history. I didn´t imagine I would get to know them, let alone have them coach me.

- You now have the chance to train with Cătălina Ponor.
- I did not expect her to come back, it was a real surprise, but we are happy to have here with us. She is of different age, very experienced and can help us a lot.

- How do you feel about the pension threshold possibly set at 30 years old?
- It would be foolish. This impacts other sports as well, not only us, as we are not the only ones retiring at 20. Many people forget we start at 4. It would be a mistake to change this, especially before the Olympic Games.

Quick questions

- Could you describe yourself?
- I'm a nice girl. I don´t like yelling and screaming. I love gymnastics and I think I´m....cute.

- How do you relax?
- I look for something which has nothing to do with gymnastics. I surf the Internet, I watch movies or listen to music. Any kind of music, except rock and manele.

- Where would you go for a perfect holiday?
- The Caribbeans. I was born in winter, but I like heat.

- What would you like to get for your birthday?
- I have everything, so I'd like to be healthy.

Missing the 10
The Farul Sports Club confessed she would like to win a 10: ”No one wants a 10 now, that would be a terrible score. There's nothing like the moment Nadia Comăneci scored a 10 in Montreal, but I would have liked to win one myself. Even if you win 17 points now, it's not the same feeling.”

Elegance Prize
Despite not having won any medal at this year's Tokyo World Championship, Ana Porgras returned home with an award. She received the “Elegance Prize” following the votes of gymnasts and journalists present at the competition. “I was flattered, they showed I have that something necessary for gymnastics.” says Porgras.

"I like animals, but in order for you to have a dog you must take care of it and I don't have the time. If I ever have the chance, I'll get a small and puffy one.”

"I like chocolate and I am allowed to eat it from time to time. Maybe not as much as I would have wanted.”

"When I was 9 we want to camp at the seaside. We all went to town for a couple of hours, although we were not allowed. Everyone got scared and they were really mad with us when we got back.”

"I liked Rotterdam a lot. Not only because I won the beam title there, but also because I've never seen such order and discipline anywhere else.“

Original interview by Ionuț Coman for Gazeta Sporturilor here.

Translated by: RomanianGymnasticsFans
Posted on Dec 19 2011.

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Happy birthday, Ana!

Today Ana Porgras turns eighteen. It is hard to believe the little girl who seduced the gymnastics world in London in 2009 with her preternatural elegance and quiet charm is now an adult, with all the responsibility that comes with it. Here, Bea Gheorghisor contemplates the year that was for Porgras. It was a year of change, a year of doubt and a year of hard learning.

“I have felt the pressure since Europeans, and this didn’t help me. I shouldn’t have thought about the fact that people were expecting medals from me. I should have just enjoyed competing. I was disappointed because I wasn’t expecting to miss on every apparatus. Then I had a breakdown out of which it was hard to recover. At Worlds, after the first day I was mentally devastated. I had missed beam, such an unpredictable apparatus where every mistake is costly. I tried not to leave that get to me because I wanted to prove myself that I can do more and I came close to a medal in the all around… ”

...read more on TCG.
Posted on Dec 18 2011.

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